Bolton Magic Club was established on the 14th April 1994. By a group of magic enthusiasts that would  often  congregate on Saturday afternoon at a small magic stall run by Mike Boydel, who would eventually become a  founder member. His Stall was situated in the area that is now occupied by Primark, in Crompton Place shopping centre formerly, Bolton Arndale shopping centre.

Mike Boydell, founder member

and former magic dealer

Crompton place shopping centre Bolton

formely Bolton Arndale

The Bridge inn Blackburn Rd Bolton

Probably one of  the main reasons  Bolton Magic Club came to be, was due to the fact that some Saturdays' so many magicians would turn up to swap ideas and show there latest and greatest was probably the fact that it began to effect business at Mr Boydells' stall, there was quiet a crowd, which prevented potential customers from even seeing the stall never mind getting close enough to actually buy something, which understandably was quiet frustrating for Mr Boydell, So consequently it was suggested we form Bolton's first magic club. The first ever meeting was held at the Bridge Inn Blackburn Rd Bolton on the 14th April 1994.

The inaugural meeting was to be the only  meeting held at the the Bridge inn , all subsequent meetings for a number of years, would be held at the RAOB club which was situated on Derby St Bolton. Some of the clubs first ever lectures, were from some prominent figures in the world of magic, such as the late Patrick Page, who was a very influential figure in the world of magic, he  is credited with  creating a number of unique  magic effects and has also  published a number of excellent instructional books and videos on the subject, as well as being an adviser in the world of film and television. And the late Ken Decoursy who was also a well known figure in the world of magic.

The Late Patrick Page

17 March 1929 – 11 February 2010

The lateKen de  Courcy

 10th March 1922 - 23rd July 2008

The former RAOB club 


now a retail premises

The clubs time at the RAOB club would eventually come to an abrupt end, during renovation work being  carried at the club,

We were due to have a lecture by Brian Sefton a prominent member Of Blackpool Magicians club, home of the the world famous Blackpool Magic Convention, held at the Winter Gardens Blackpool every February, it is  the largest of its kind in the world, now in it's 68th year.

Unfortunatley the room was more like a building site  than a a club room, so the decision was taken to move the meeting to the Rumworth Hall Derby St Bolton. Only one meeting was ever held there, then we had one or 2 meetings at the Bantry Club just down the road from the RAOB club. it was decided that the Bantry wasn't a suitable venue for our club meetings so we looked for an alternative venue. We eventually  settled on the Cotton tree pub  on prince st Halliwell. some members at the time expressed concerns about this venue as it wasn't in one of Bolton's better areas, however  the no nonsense land lady at the time assured us we would not have any problems, which we didn't. and consequentially  spent several happy years at this venue. 

The Cotton Tree Prince st Bolton

We would eventually leave the Cotton Tree. Seem to remember we left because Paula the then land lady retired due to health issues.

The new lanlord turned out to be not very reliable which would eventually lead to us looking for yet another venue to hold our meetings. We eventually settled on the Doffcocker Inn Chorley old road Bolton. which is where we still meet. every other  Wenesday  8:30pm -11:00pm. And have been at the Doffcocker inn, for quiet some time, hopefully we  won't need to move any time soon as this is a great venue. 

Jim Hodgkis and  Chris Stickland are the only 2 founder members that still attend regular meetings, many of the founder members are sadly no longer with us.

The Banrty Club Derby St Bolton

Brian Sefton

The Doffcocker Inn Chorley Old Rd Bolton